MSA Gage Pro facilitates adherence to key global quality standards


ISO 9001

Foundation of Quality Management

ISO 9001 sets quality management standards, crucial for efficient processes. MSA gauge software ensures precise measurements, vital from procurement to final quality checks. Implementing MSA aids in identifying and correcting variations, aligning with ISO 9001’s focus on continual improvement. Integration enhances audit readiness, reduces defects, and boosts customer satisfaction, providing reliable data for informed decisions and business success.

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IATF 16949

Automotive Sector Precision

IATF 16949 certification is crucial for the automotive industry, emphasizing safety and precision. MSA gauge software validates measurement systems, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards. It aids defect prevention and supply chain efficiency by providing insights and identifying areas for improvement in gauging methods, equipment, and training. Regular MSA studies assure customers of product accuracy and strict standards adherence.


Aerospace Quality 

AS9100, the aerospace industry’s quality benchmark, integrates ISO 9001 with aerospace-specific standards. In this critical context, MSA gauge software is essential for precise measurements, preventing errors with serious safety and performance implications. MSA tools ensure measurement reliability, analyzing and detecting potential issues before they compromise product integrity. Integrating MSA software enhances risk management, ensuring AS9100 compliance and reinforcing the aerospace manufacturer’s reputation for superior quality.

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Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing

Optimizing Quality through Data Focus

Certifications in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing seek to reduce waste and variability to improve quality and efficiency. Measurement analysis software (MSA) is essential as accurate data fuels these processes. With a comprehensive MSA tool, professionals validate measurement systems, ensuring flawless data for improvement projects. Thus, organizations can make decisions based on data, achieving substantial improvements in the quality and efficiency of the process.


Food and Drug Administration

Compliance with the FDA’s Quality System Regulation (21 CFR Part 820) is crucial in the medical device industry to ensure consistent, quality-controlled production. Accurate measurements are vital for patient health. MSA gauge software supports FDA compliance by ensuring regular calibration, offering a structured approach to assess and validate measurement systems. Utilizing MSA software enables medical device manufacturers to uphold stringent quality standards, minimizing risks and ensuring patient safety.

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EFQM excellence model

Total Quality Management

The EFQM Excellence Model, a framework for organizational management, fosters competitiveness through a commitment to excellence. MSA gauge software, aligning with EFQM principles, ensures accurate measurement and analysis, vital for benchmarking performance. Insights gained empower organizations to enhance performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Across certifications and models, MSA software plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and reliable data for informed decision-making, supporting compliance.