Benefits of a gage management software

by | Dec 29, 2023

Most companies rely heavily on gage management to provide accurate information, and this can only be achieved through correct and timely calibration.

To do this, companies can rely on gage management software, such as MSA Gage Pro, which also offers multiple benefits for optimizing production, such as those presented below:

1. Organization

Helps maintain a complete and organized record of all gage instruments on the production floor.

This can include detailed information about the status, location and history of each instrument, making it easier to track and manage.

2. Time savings

By automating gage management processes, it helps reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, such as updating records and scheduling calibrations and maintenance.

Which allows staff to be more productive and dedicate themselves to more relevant functions.

3. Improved accuracy

It also helps ensure the accuracy of instrument records and information. This is achieved by standardizing processes and thus avoiding human errors.

4. Calibration and maintenance

You can schedule calibrations and preventive maintenance of instruments.

This ensures that the instruments are kept in good condition and function correctly, which in turn improves the quality of the gage.

5. Regulatory compliance

You will be able to meet the requirements of quality certifications such as ISO and FDA.

In addition, you will be able to timely monitor compliance with calibration and maintenance requirements, as well as generate reports for compliance with audits.

The evaluation of gage systems is a fundamental part of continuous improvement activities. Therefore, carrying out MSA studies (Variable R&R, Attribute, Linearity, Bias, Stability, etc.) is necessary to establish confidence in the precision and reliability of the gage systems.

With MSA Gage Pro, view in one place the status of devices, calibration events, tasks due, MSA studies and all the information about each of the devices. Request a Free Trial!

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