How to choose gage management software

by | Dec 29, 2023

Having all the measuring devices up to date and with the greatest possible control can be quite a complicated job without the support of gage management software.

If you still use paper, spreadsheets or labels to control your gages or devices, you are surely facing work overload, constant errors, inconsistencies in information and delayed studies.

A gage management software can help solve these problems and reduce excess work with better results. But how to choose the most suitable one?

There are several options available on the market and each has its own features and benefits, and choosing the best option for your company will depend on the specific needs of your processes.

Therefore, it is important to carefully research and evaluate each option before making a decision.

The most important factors to consider are:

Functionality and features

Evaluate whether the gage management software has the features and functionality that are important to your processes.

Among the basic functionalities for the effective management of your company’s measurement instruments are:

  • Calibration and maintenance program
  • Monitoring of calibration and maintenance history
  • Document management
  • Report generation
  • Automated alerts

Easy to use

The gage management software you choose should be easy to use and intuitive for operational staff. Through an intuitive and organized interface, which allows you to search and navigate the system easily.

Support and training

Look for a provider that offers the backing of a good technical support team, provides training, and includes system upgrades.

Supplier Reputation and Experience

Investigate the experience of other users of the software, how long the company has been in business and its history in the market.

MSA Gage Pro

Our measuring instrument management software offers you total control, from a cell phone, tablet or computer.

It is a system for Control of Measurement Equipment and Studies of MSA, R&R, Linearity, among others.

It also provides you with alerts, movement histories and reports automatically.

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Written by Laura Ochoa

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