What is gage management software?

by | Dec 29, 2023

Is a computer tool designed to help companies manage and control their inventory of gage instruments, such as micrometers, calipers, thermometers, pressure gauges, and more.

In data analysis, gage errors often affect the data, causing variation during Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis and affecting results such as Cpk, PPK, Ppm, and others.

These instruments are used to control the dimensions of products to meet customer specifications.

This type of software allows for the creation of a digital record of the company’s gage instruments, including detailed information for each one, such as the brand, model, serial number, location, calibration date, and expiration date.

Furthermore, gage management software can also schedule alerts and reminders for calibration, MSA studies, and instrument maintenance, ensuring that they remain in good working condition and provide accurate measurements.

In this way, software like MSA Gage Pro helps companies maintain efficient and accurate control over their gage instruments, allowing them to optimize their use, reduce costs, and ensure the quality of their products and services. Start your free trial now: Click Here

Regarding calibration management, it is an integral part of any Quality Management System (QMS) and ensures that gage instruments are of the appropriate quality and capability.

Gage management software can automate many management processes, allowing quality personnel to focus on more valuable tasks.

The main features of gage management software like MSA Gage Pro include:

  • Tracking the location and status of instruments.
  • Recording the calibration history, MSA studies, and maintenance of instruments.
  • Scheduling calibrations, MSA studies, and preventive maintenance.
  • Automated alerts to remind of calibration dates, MSA studies, and maintenance.
  • Calibration reports and certificates.
  • Integration with Gmail and Office 365.

Gage management is a highly relevant task due to the increasing number of standards to meet and growing quality requirements. To meet all these requirements, gage instruments must be calibrated, controlled, and managed effectively.

MSA Gage Pro is an easy-to-use, automated, cloud-based solution for gage management to handle your calibration, testing, and maintenance instruments.

It’s a Measurement Equipment Control System, MSA studies, R&R, Linearity, and more, which allows you to control from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer:


  • Gage Equipment
  • Calibration Alarms
  • Automated MSA Studies
  • Equipment Output to Suppliers
  • Automatic Reports

Written by Laura Ochoa

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